Angel Families was created in August of 2018 by Co-Founders, Mary Ann Mendoza and Michelle Root.


Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza lost her son, Sgt Brandon Mendoza, of the Mesa, Az police Department on May 12, 2014. A repeat, illegal alien criminal who was 3X the legal limit drunk and high on meth, slammed head on into Brandon’s car on his way home from his shift. His loss shattered the community where he worked tirelessly with children at schools and the Boys and Girls Club.


Angel Mom Michelle Root lost her daughter, Sarah Root, on January 31, 2016 in Omaha, Nebraska by a drunk illegal alien going 75mph who ran into her daughters car sitting at a red light. Sarah had just graduated from college that evening with a 4.0 grade point average with a life filled with dreams shattered. Sarah’s killer is still on the run and is on ICE’s 10 most wanted list.


Mary Ann and Michelle were determined to bring more Angel Families forward so that the pubic realizes that it is not “just a few of us”. There have been over 63,000 Americans killed by illegal alien criminals since 9/11. There are hundreds of thousands of survivors of illegal alien crime!


The determination of our elected officials to protect, coddle and provide for these illegal alien invaders in our country is our number one focus. Americans need to research, learn about who is running for elected offices on your city, county, courts, states and federally! We have to take our rights and citizenship seriously! There are no other countries in the world where you can enter illegally, have elected officials fight for your rights over their citizens, commit crimes, be provided sanctuary and then shown leniency in their courts!


Angel Families have started a #Bloodonyourhands Campaign that is aimed at bringing awareness to these elected officials who are against a Secure Border, Support Sanctuary Policies and those that fight for illegal alien rights.


Angel Families have teamed up with American Sheriff’s who are also fighting Sanctuary Policies, who are fighting for increased interior enforcement and are promoting full cooperation with the 287g program.


Below are a few of the Angel Families who are involved with the Angel Family Coalition that Mary Ann Mendoza and Michelle Root have created. This is a group of Angel Families that are testifying, fighting Sanctuary proposals in their states and keeping politicians accountable. We also go to DC and attend hearings that affect American’s while promoting Illegal Alien rights:


















Billy and Kathy Inman Georgia


Billy, Kathy and their son Dustin were rear ended by an Illegal Alien on June 16, 2000. They were on their way fishing o Fathers Day. The accident killed Dustin, their only son, and left Billy and Kathy both in a coma and unable to attend their son’s funeral. Kathy’s brain injuries left her partially paralyzed and confined to a wheel chair. The Illegal’s whereabouts are known in Mexico but authorities will not extradite him as they say involuntary manslaughter is not an extraditable crime.


Kiyan and Bobby Michael Florida


Vickie Lyon Florida


Her daughter Nikki was killed in Florida on 11/17/01 by a drunk, cocaine fueled illegal who ran into her car. Vickie has raised her 2 grandchildren who were also severely injured in the accident. Illegal never spent one day in jail. Case has bee reopened by the State of Florida at the direction of Gov Desantis


Arlene Cohen Maryland


Sander Cohen, her son, was killed on Dec 8, 2017 on the side of road in Maryland by an illegal alien. Illegal fined $140 for killing her son.


Marla Wolff Maryland


Her husband, Carlos Wolff, was killed on Dec 8, 2017 on the side of the road in Maryland by an illegal alien. Illegal fined $140 for killing her husband


Steve Ronnebeck Arizona


His son, Grant, was murdered by a repeat criminal illegal alien while working at a convenience store in Mesa, Az on 1/25/15. Still awaiting the trial to begin


Laura Wilkerson Texas


Her son, Josh, was brutally murdered by an illegal classmate on 11/16/10. The illegal is serving time for the crime


Agnes Gibboney California


Son Ronald was shot to death by an illegal alien on 4/27/02 in California. Illegal is in prison with a release date in 2020


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