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Message from the USFDC President

The USFDC is a working combination of law enforcement, military veterans, border residents, and patriotic minded citizens, across the United States. Since 2010, I’ve completed extensive research, pertaining to national security, and the movement of transnational drug cartels, into the United States and Canada. In the process, it became painfully apparent that our southern border is a national crisis. As a result, the USFDC will provide monthly updates covering numerous issues, all complicated, by illegal cross border traffic. Plus, we will offer viable solutions, and directives, to restore our national borders, and related ports of entry. Thank you for viewing our site, and please forward to others equally concerned about our national security.

Mark Hager

President, USFDC


A nation without secure borders cannot stand. As a republic, the citizens of the United States are the responsible first line of defense. The US First Defense Coalition is the organization in which we the people become the liaison and conduit to enhance and further security measures with local, state and federal law enforcement. Through consultation, research and all necessary site evaluations the US First Defense Coalition seeks to educate, support and enhance proper measures that will ensure the security of our homes and borders.


We the People, in voice and in action will be the first line of defense for the citizens of the United States against illegal cross border activity. As defenders of the U.S. Constitution we strive to educate citizens to recognize criminal acts associated with unsecure borders. We will be the leading private fundraising organization dedicated to securing our Republic and honoring those citizens who have gone the distance to secure our freedom and liberty. The US First Defense Coalition will support the necessary measures that clearly define where our nation's sovereignty begins. We will continue to educate our fellow countrymen by becoming the leading resource for border security information, serve communities as a liaison with all law enforcement agencies and provide resources to and from local border enforcement and citizens groups.

Angel Families


by Ed Ashurst (Author), M. Scott Catino (Author)

The USFDC highly recommends the reading of author Ed Ashurst’s book, Alligators In The Moat.
This is one of Ed Ashurst’s eight books and is currently working on his ninth. He is also a working cowboy who has ridden and gathered cattle and horses on over seven thousand square miles of the American South West accumulating over fifty years of experience as a big ranch cowboy. He currently manages a large cattle ranch in southeastern Arizona.
This second edition of the award-winning book Alligators in the Moat gives the reader a more thorough view of the dysfunctional position the United States has put itself in on our southern border. The first edition won the New Mexico- Arizona Book Award for best non-fiction Ebook. This book contains two new chapters that provide a history of little known amnesty legislation put into place by presidents from both parties over the last thirty years.

Warning: The contents of this book will shock you.
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