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USFDC Border Report May 18, 2022 – In the shadows of Title 42

USFDC Border Report – In the shadows of Title 42 May 18 2022 I. Texas RGV 1. Brooks county – 100 smuggling cases in the last few months. 26 bodies since January. Gulf Cartel out of Roma doing most of the work. Bailouts, stash houses, and large groups are being witnessed d

TX Guardsman Drowned Saving Drug Smugglers

According to the U.S. Border Patrol statements, the Texas National Guard soldier who drowned on April 22 did so while trying to save two migrants who smuggled drugs into the country. The two migrants were involved in illegal drug trafficking and are in the custody of the U.S. Bor

The El Conservador Show with George Rodriguez” for Saturday, April 23, 2022.

The show’s guests are renowned columnist, author, and commentator Cal Thomas. He talks about the border crisis, the faltering economy, and his new book, "America's Expiration Date.". Next, we have Border Patrol National Council vice president Art Del Cueto. He speaks about the

Today Should Be a National Holiday....

This should be a national holiday… The third Monday in April, is Patriots Day, an annual celebration of the Battles of Lexington & Concord on April 19th, 1775. It’s a big day in Massachusetts… a public holiday celebrated with reenactments, the Boston Marathon, a Red

No Greater Love....

“There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13 - NLT I found myself walking in the woods this week with my 8-month-old grandson... just the two of us on a hunt for “Woody” the woodpecker. As I showed him poison ivy, a few squir

Part Four-When Will The Nightmares End For Our Veteran Community? (Mixing in the Drug Infested Environment)

Why is it, that when our government trains our military personnel to defend this great nation, the veterans who sacrifice so much, our fathers, brothers, sisters, and mothers are just abandoned, and thrown out to fend for themselves in numerous heartbreaking situations? Why is it

Vietnam Veterans are American Patriots

March 29th is Vietnam War Veterans Day. The very mention of the Vietnam War can instantly raise the blood pressure of Americans on both sides of the aisle. Sadly, much ire was leveled directly at the men and women who served our nation during the conflict in southeast Asia fro

Part Three, When Will The Nightmares End For Our Veteran Community? ( Health and Safety Concerns)

Everyone understands the basic rule of thumb for any business about maintaining a good public image and that it should always be at the forefront of one’s responsibility as an employee, manager, or business owner. However, when it comes to purposely ignoring health and safety

Border Crisis - Mexican Cartel Attacks U.S. Consulate

On Sunday/Monday, March 13-14, gunmen affiliated with the “Cartel Del Norte,” which is affiliated with the “Los Zetas,” attacked the U.S. consular building, a Mexican military base, and other buildings in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, across the river from Laredo, TX. Sources in

Border Crisis Update - Border Patrol Report from Del Rio & Laredo, TX

Del Rio Border Patrol Sector On Monday, March 7, the Del Rio Station Marine Unit rescued a family struggling to cross in the strong currents of the Rio Grande. They cannot emphasize this enough. Crossing the river is extremely dangerous! Several people have drowned (including yo

El Conservador - Border Crisis Update

The “El Conservador Show with George Rodriguez” for Saturday, March 12, 2022. This week’s topics are the growth of the Republican Party among Hispanics in Texas, human trafficking, and Biden policies that created the border crisis. Our first guest is Tom Homan, former IC

Politically Deaf Democrats Continue Radical Agenda

After the voters spoke, the politically deaf Democrats are planning to plow ahead with their Leftist agenda. Joe Biden suffered a political lashing on Tuesday, Nov. 2, but the Democrats want to continue pushing the radical Leftist agenda. Democrats do not care about what the v

Marburg Virus? the next wave?

Sometimes we as society looks and see the truth, and yet we are afraid to acknowledge it out loud because of the hateful feedback you might receive. But it continues and we hope it goes away. The following are true reports and a possible scenario, but will we stand up? Fight back

USFDC Border Report Oct 5 2021 – A Critical Time In US History

USFDC Border Report – A Critical Moment in US History Oct 5, 2021 I. Texas RGV 1. Brooks county – Recent body counts have increased dramatically. Bailouts, stash houses, and large groups are being witnessed daily. Rancher near Falfurrias found a body of an IA purposely hu


IS THE AMERICAN FOUNDATION CRUMBLING? We have lost more ground in the United States in the past nearly eleven months under the Biden Administration, and the Schumer/Pelosi Congress than we have since America was founded. Instead of going forward, they have taken us in a gigan

Part Two When Will The Nightmares End For Our Veteran Community?

Let’s be real. When you think of the phrase living in the streets or being homeless more often than not, one’s mind begins to picture: drugs, prostitution, assault, and a whole list of other crimes as well as filth, disease, trash, and a totally unsafe environment. We know it

Meet America’s Front Line Warriors…

We are living in very strange times. So much in our world seems to be changing... and not for the good. With Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the news talk has shifted to NATO commitments and what that means for the United States and the rest of the world. What about Taiwan?

The Need for Weapon’s Training When Training Is Not Attainable

The Need for Weapon’s Training When Training Is Not Attainable Are you just as fed up as I am, from all the shutdowns on businesses due to things that are out of their control, or frustrated at the costs of weapon ammunition, the upticks in range memberships, and more? T

When Will The Nightmares End For Our Veteran Community? (A series introduction)

It seems everyone publicly supports our vets, millions of U.S. citizens say they honor and cherish our war-torn heroes, thousands of programs claim to serve our veterans, hundreds of veteran based organizations, corporations say they defend those who served, and our government

“” Is Coming Back Stronger Than Ever

For those of you who know, know that is 100% dedicated to continuing the mission of our forefathers in this great country we call the United States of America. Its focus on Veterans and our nation’s Patriotism has been the cornerstone of everything we