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US Southwestern Border Special Update

US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) CBP is enforcing enforcement title 42. Plus the President has passed emergency orders suspending cross border traffic. To include blocking asylum seekers and the so called DACA individuals. All catch and release measures have ended along the

The Border Crisis Report: Sept.1, 2019

Caravan 1. As previously reported – Organized by socialist leaning groups in Honduras, Venezuela, George Soros (Open Society Foundation), and by the Paris based- UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – Global Compact for Migration). Food, a

Hello and pull up a chair! Welcome back 🙂 Let’s talk wing clipping……yup, that’s right – wing clipping. This needs to periodically done for chickens and ducks. (Or anything that flies in your coop.) If, like me, your run and yards are not topped then this becomes a

Oh my goodness! Where do I start with all the happenings? Well, first, let me apologies for my absence. When business comes my way its seems to come in down pours. 😉😂 My first reason for not posting was having to rearrange my house cleaning schedule because my schedule h

Uniting America to Fight This Virus

I received an email from the Deputy Associate Director out of the White House, Belsis F. Romero, inviting me to a special conference call Focus on the COVID-19 Virus, with Vice President Pence. I sent my RSVP for the meeting, and Mr. Romero replied right away, sending me the c

Surviving the Peace: An Introduction

My name is SFC Retired Sean Zitzer. I am originally from Chicago, IL, but I am currently retired just outside of Fort Benning in Columbus, GA. I was medically retired after just shy of 11 years of service and 3 ½ tours as an Infantryman. I am currently an IT Specialist, a bit of

Happy Resurrection Day!

Have a Happy Easter y’all! I pray y’all are blessed ❤️

Fresh out of the Oven Hello Y’all! How have you been? We’re good here at Mama Jess’s, just busy…lol…aren’t we all? We had a coldish snap here in Southern/Central Utah and got snow. About time too… not a lot of snow this year, so I am anticipating a dry, hot summe

Living the Dream: Homesteading Stage 3

A view of my garden and yard Welcome and pull up a chair to my virtual kitchen table! I have the coffee on and if tea is your choice I have that too. How are y’all doing today? Life is zooming along here at Mama Jess’s. We had a pittance of snow from the storm last night,

Dreaming and Planning-Homesteading: Stage 1

Hey y’all! How’s life? Life is busy at Mama Jess’s. It’s just another winter day in my neck of the woods…. The weather is bipolar, it cannot decide if it wants to be warmer than usual or be a normal winter. So, depending on the day we can be in the low 50’s or hav

An Introduction to The Border Crisis Report

Overview of Caravans 1. Organized – By socialist leaning groups in Honduras, Venezuela, George Soros (Open Society Foundation), and by the Paris based- UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – Global Compact for Migration). Food, accomm

Virginia, Once Again, Leads the Fight Against Tyranny

During the entire Obama administration, and the last 3 years, we were constantly being told and mocked by democrats, saying “No one is coming to take away your guns.” Rep. Jim Himes (D) CT said, “…that is where the insanity is.” That no one is going to take away your

The American People Are Waking Up

Nothing is embarrassing the democratic party more than their blind hate, twisted truths, and outright hypocritical accusations against the President of the United States. Why is it embarrassing for them? Because We The People of the United States are all becoming “woke” w

American High Schools and Politics

First of all, a huge thank you to the Lamoni citizen who sent in this topic, I salute you. Our local Tea Party group (We The People Tea Party of Southern Iowa) has discussed this very topic for over 10 years now, and it has also been a topic of Tea Party groups in every one of

Can we stop the rise of the 4th Branch of Government?

Since the first Department of State was created in 1789, of which Thomas Jefferson was the first appointee. The Department of State has always been under the direction of the president, which means he is the authority over this “executive department” and the role of the exec

Capital Punishment Is Needed

When I first received this topic I thought, “Yes, this has been a controversial topic for a very long time, but why write about it now with so many other things going on in our nation that are much more important to focus on.” Then, I began to think about what my thoughts

Democratic Socialism Are You Ready

Currently, the democratic candidates leading are Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, Andrew Yang, Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker, Tulsi Gabbard, Tom Steyer, Julian Castro, and many others, but those are the top 11 candidates. Thank God tha

The Impeachment Scam

Impeachment “Tell a lie loud enough and long enough and people will believe it” ~ Adolf Hitler; you know who that is, the National Socialist Workers Party Leader of the holocaust era, the same dictator that George Soros helped the Nazis when he was a youth,

China is the Second Greatest Threat to America and the World

I picked this topic because to me, it is the second most important topic to the future of our country, second only to the far left’s efforts in erasing and eroding our nation’s foundations and sovereignty. Not to mention that the past presidents, both democrats and republic

The Evils of Campaign Finance Reform and Why We The People Need To Stay On Top Of It

Citizen United VS FEC Issue Still Needs to be on the Front Burner Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (BCRA) bans corporations and unions from independent political spending, as if its constitutional for the government to demand this of private American citizens and their busines