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USFDC Special Report – It’s Just a Matter of Time Aug 23, 2021

USFDC Special Report – Just a matter of time August 23, 2021 Law Enforcement along the Southern Border along with Border Ranchers are reporting that the situation is the worse they have ever seen. The border surges from 2009-2014 responsible for the deaths of law enforcement

USFDC Border New Update – For immediate consumption August 19 2021

USFDC Border Report August 18, 2021 I. Texas RGV 1. Fences are down. Fires are deliberately set on ranches. Resources both local and state are being exhausted. Local drain is due to handle cost – fires, medical attention, break-ins, ESL teaching in schools have combined to

Continue The Mission - Testimonials

My name is Don Koster, a US Army combat veteran. While stationed at Ft Riley, KS, I deployed to Iraq "Operation Desert Shield/Storm" as a Cavalry scout. I was a gunner on an M3 Bradley fighting as a recon element (scout platoon) in the battles of 73 Easting and Norfolk for w

The "Bite" is here!

la mordida Today leadership in the DEA pointed the direction that the US is heading. In much of South America and especially Mexico, the Mexican Cartels control most aspects of daily life. The police have been reduced to cheap security becoming dependent upon cartels for income.

Remember the Children

Hello, I am glad you are here reading this blog. I need you to read to the end here as it is some of the most important issues and information needing to be talked about today. But first, humor me and after you read this paragraph take 1 minute and do what I am asking here. Firs

Vacation Adventures; Part 1.

If you are hoping to go on a nice family vacation and leave PTSD at home, I have some news for you. Wherever we go, "it" goes too. Even on vacation, it's inescapable. Now, I know a few of you are thinking this sounds like a pointless trip, right? Why take the kids and spouse on v

*Originally posted on June 8th.* Hello all! Dang... it’s been busy at Mama Jess’s. I’m totally sure I’m not the only person very busy these last couple months with Spring and all it’s beauty and chores! We started seeds at the end of March. Very excited to plan

USFDC Border Report July 22, 2021

USFDC Border Report July 22, 2021 I. Texas RGV 1. Fences are down. Fires are deliberately set on ranches. Resources both local and state are being exhausted. Local drain is due to handle cost – fires, medical attention, break-ins, ESL teaching in schools have combined to ca

Budget Battle – Groceries

Hello all :-) How are y'all? I was asked to write an article for a local news letter. This is actually for Maintenance Man's property. His property is a mix of "regular" income all the way to those who are in transitional housing. I was challenged to write a shopping list

Border Crisis (a Coordination of a Wicked Set-Up)

“Look, we all know we have a need to better secure the border…punish employers who choose to hire illegal immigrants…but those who enter into the country illegally and those who employ them, disrespect the rule of law, and they show disregard for those who are following t


As I sit down to start this blog, I am hit with the same feelings that I had when I decided that it was time to get serious about getting my family prepared in case SHTF (Shit Hits the Fan). Those feelings of “how the heck am I going to do this” have all come flooding back? 

“The War After The War: A Look Inside.”

"...I'm right here by your side. I am not your enemy. I don't wanna fight..." -Mary Gauthier, 'The War After The War' After my few short years in the Air National Guard, I understood that life would always be different for me in comparison to civilians around me. I had been tr

As I See It

The Ramblings of an Old Laid Back Sailor My name is Stephen Cook, but you’ll not likely hear me refer to myself by that name again. I’ll be known here as Tank Rugani, or Big Tank. It's my plan to share my perspective on life, politics, humor, and family…whatever ramblings

7 Skill Sets Needed for Survival

Throughout my life of camping, fishing, hunting, scouts, and the military, I have had a huge array of training, and experiences across America, and actually, the world. I’ve been in, grown-up around lived, and trained in environments such as woodlands, prairies, mountains, de

“What To Put Into A Survivalist Pandemic Response Kit”

First of all, take this article for what it is, a suggested pandemic response kit to have on hand prior to actually needing it. There are a number of reasons to make sure you have a kit such as this on hand, but none more important than not having to be involved in a panic to h

Couldn’t be a more Perfect time For this Book

With the current illegal presidential administration of the United States of America, and the unrelenting direction our government moves away from our Republic, it is necessary that good people stand up and not only recognize the threat and the fact that we are losing our nation,

There for You: An Introduction

It is not often that one hears the phrase “we’re there for you” anymore these days. It seems to be a slogan of the past for those who are going through situations that require a little help from their friends. Every day our Veterans go through life facing problems that

Learning & Practicing-Homesteading Stage 2

How have y’all been? It has been busier than a bee in May here at Mama Jess’s. Let’s see…. Second semester has started; we’re almost to Easter Break it seems…. Garden is to be planned soon, and cleaning is never done it seems (I’m testing out a new schedule for

El Conservador: An Introduction

I, George Rodriguez, consider myself a constitutional conservative Texan first of Mexican descent, also known as a “Tejano”. I believe in personal freedom and support the idea that all Texans and Americans should live life the way they want as long as it does not harm othe

No One is Above the Law

“NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW, not even the President of the United States.”This was recently stated by Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, Democrat Representative, Adam Shift, Democrat Senator, Bernie Sanders, House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Jerrold Nadler, and yet a