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We Need To Step Up And Preserve Our Heritage

The Constitution of the United States is a brilliant Document. It is based on and supported by the Word of God and our Declaration of Independence. Our Founding Principles made the United States Of America the greatest nation on earth and proved our citizens with hope and a pat

Why The Rush To An Article V Convention?

If our enemies, traitors, and government tyrants are allowed the opportunity to hold an Article V Convention they will use that opportunity to get rid of our existing Constitution, and impose a new one. They hate our Constitution and Founding Principles and it would be a perfect


The State of Our Union has sank to an all time low. We must do everything in our power to restore America. We especially need to call upon the Lord to lead us into restoration, and trust in Him to guide us to victory. Failure to take action now will result in a a fundamentall


IS THE AMERICAN FOUNDATION CRUMBLING? We have lost more ground in the United States in the past nearly eleven months under the Biden Administration, and the Schumer/Pelosi Congress than we have since America was founded. Instead of going forward, they have taken us in a gigan

There for You: An Introduction

It is not often that one hears the phrase “we’re there for you” anymore these days. It seems to be a slogan of the past for those who are going through situations that require a little help from their friends. Every day our Veterans go through life facing problems that