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We The People, You Know this is True, It’s Time to Stand Up and Act.

All any of us have to do is sit back, take a deep breath, and then look at the last two years in our country. None of the following are made-up notions or lies, all are facts and “evidential theories through facts” that everyone can plainly see without any talking head tryin

Continue The Mission - Testimonials

My name is Don Koster, a US Army combat veteran. While stationed at Ft Riley, KS, I deployed to Iraq "Operation Desert Shield/Storm" as a Cavalry scout. I was a gunner on an M3 Bradley fighting as a recon element (scout platoon) in the battles of 73 Easting and Norfolk for w

Remember the Children

Hello, I am glad you are here reading this blog. I need you to read to the end here as it is some of the most important issues and information needing to be talked about today. But first, humor me and after you read this paragraph take 1 minute and do what I am asking here. Firs

Vacation Adventures; Part 1.

If you are hoping to go on a nice family vacation and leave PTSD at home, I have some news for you. Wherever we go, "it" goes too. Even on vacation, it's inescapable. Now, I know a few of you are thinking this sounds like a pointless trip, right? Why take the kids and spouse on v

“The War After The War: A Look Inside.”

"...I'm right here by your side. I am not your enemy. I don't wanna fight..." -Mary Gauthier, 'The War After The War' After my few short years in the Air National Guard, I understood that life would always be different for me in comparison to civilians around me. I had been tr

As I See It

The Ramblings of an Old Laid Back Sailor My name is Stephen Cook, but you’ll not likely hear me refer to myself by that name again. I’ll be known here as Tank Rugani, or Big Tank. It's my plan to share my perspective on life, politics, humor, and family…whatever ramblings

Couldn’t be a more Perfect time For this Book

With the current illegal presidential administration of the United States of America, and the unrelenting direction our government moves away from our Republic, it is necessary that good people stand up and not only recognize the threat and the fact that we are losing our nation,

There for You: An Introduction

It is not often that one hears the phrase “we’re there for you” anymore these days. It seems to be a slogan of the past for those who are going through situations that require a little help from their friends. Every day our Veterans go through life facing problems that

No One is Above the Law

“NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW, not even the President of the United States.”This was recently stated by Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, Democrat Representative, Adam Shift, Democrat Senator, Bernie Sanders, House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Jerrold Nadler, and yet a

Welcome to My Not-so-Ordinary Life!

How exactly does one say hello? Greetings? Hi? Maybe just, Sup? I’d like to introduce myself and hopefully, I can do it well. My name is Camille Ludwig, but just call me Cami. I’m 29 years old, the 9th youngest out of 12 siblings, and currently in the process of enlisting for

Chasing Pins & Caps

I think a really important question each and every Legionnaire, rather, every person who volunteers, needs to ask themselves right at this moment is “why?” Why are you here? Why are you volunteering? At some point, regardless of where you sit now or how long you have been

An Introduction

I’m not done yet. Service is a gift that each of us gives to the world, one that makes us human and gives our lives true meaning. Every one of us who serves has a WHY, a deep-seated purpose, cause, or belief that is the source of our passion and inspiration. So why do I cont