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Marburg Virus? the next wave?

Sometimes we as society looks and see the truth, and yet we are afraid to acknowledge it out loud because of the hateful feedback you might receive. But it continues and we hope it goes away. The following are true reports and a possible scenario, but will we stand up? Fight back

3 Unique Survival Tips That Might Just Save Your Life

There are always those little things that many find out too late or don’t realize what they could do until they are in the thick of the problem with no resource or best practice. So below are three survival tips that just might save your life in the future. Always remember

We The People, You Know this is True, It’s Time to Stand Up and Act.

All any of us have to do is sit back, take a deep breath, and then look at the last two years in our country. None of the following are made-up notions or lies, all are facts and “evidential theories through facts” that everyone can plainly see without any talking head tryin

7 Skill Sets Needed for Survival

Throughout my life of camping, fishing, hunting, scouts, and the military, I have had a huge array of training, and experiences across America, and actually, the world. I’ve been in, grown-up around lived, and trained in environments such as woodlands, prairies, mountains, de