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Learning & Practicing-Homesteading Stage 2

How have y’all been? It has been busier than a bee in May here at Mama Jess’s. Let’s see…. Second semester has started; we’re almost to Easter Break it seems…. Garden is to be planned soon, and cleaning is never done it seems (I’m testing out a new schedule for

Hello and pull up a chair! Welcome back 🙂 Let’s talk wing clipping……yup, that’s right – wing clipping. This needs to periodically done for chickens and ducks. (Or anything that flies in your coop.) If, like me, your run and yards are not topped then this becomes a

Oh my goodness! Where do I start with all the happenings? Well, first, let me apologies for my absence. When business comes my way its seems to come in down pours. 😉😂 My first reason for not posting was having to rearrange my house cleaning schedule because my schedule h

Happy Resurrection Day!

Have a Happy Easter y’all! I pray y’all are blessed ❤️

Fresh out of the Oven Hello Y’all! How have you been? We’re good here at Mama Jess’s, just busy…lol…aren’t we all? We had a coldish snap here in Southern/Central Utah and got snow. About time too… not a lot of snow this year, so I am anticipating a dry, hot summe

Living the Dream: Homesteading Stage 3

A view of my garden and yard Welcome and pull up a chair to my virtual kitchen table! I have the coffee on and if tea is your choice I have that too. How are y’all doing today? Life is zooming along here at Mama Jess’s. We had a pittance of snow from the storm last night,

Dreaming and Planning-Homesteading: Stage 1

Hey y’all! How’s life? Life is busy at Mama Jess’s. It’s just another winter day in my neck of the woods…. The weather is bipolar, it cannot decide if it wants to be warmer than usual or be a normal winter. So, depending on the day we can be in the low 50’s or hav