China is the Second Greatest Threat to America and the World

I picked this topic because to me, it is the second most important topic to the future of our country, second only to the far left’s efforts in erasing and eroding our nation’s foundations and sovereignty. Not to mention that the past presidents, both democrats and republicans, have cowered from publicly standing up to China’s abuse in trade, and military-strategic steps for decades, starting with President Clinton and his administration, which includes players who continued in service to future administrations, such as, Leon Panetta, George Tenet, and Sandy Berger, and others. China has used American greed to covertly corrupt the selling of our Nation’s secrets, to include top-secret designs of all seven of the US nuclear warhead missile technologies; you can find this in the Cox Report timeline
However, today the media and establishment players on both sides of the aisle and the progressive left’s pure hate for our current president, ignore anything that makes the “communist” Chinese regime a major evil enemy of the United States. Instead, they say things like “We need to seek friendly relations between the USA and China.” Or “We must be consistent so that our friends and foes know where we stand.” Then before they even start their next breath, they hypocritically ignore consistency of strength, as if China isn’t even a threat, but an economic resource, worthy of ignoring their wrongdoings toward the US. Make no mistake, the communist ideology of China is systematically taking advantage of the world’s capitalists ventures and has a goal, which is to take total control while simultaneously becoming the strongest military the world has ever seen; thanks to the greedy politicians from our past few administrations. Think about it, currently, the only idea China has of where we stand is one given to them by Clinton, Bush, and Obama; who were greedy, power-hungry and dishonorable to our citizens.

Back in the early 90s, China’s minister of defense stated that it was inevitable that they would go to war
with the United States of America, and it is their intention to prepare to win said war. So, China has continued to prepare by manipulating currency and fighting for unfair trade deals, because it holds IOUs from the past administrations. They are threatening to stop manufacturing goods for the US, and our past politicians have compromised it all, so they can feed their greed. China has built islands in the South China Sea, in international waters, and claimed them as theirs as they also placed military ports and bases on them. Yet, our media and politicians seem to treat this as though it is not worthwhile news to report, all because our President is doing the right things to hurt and slow down the plans of XI and Beijing. Last August, The South China Morning Post reported that “Washington also said, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin would work with the International Monetary Fund… ‘to eliminate the unfair competitive advantage created by China’s latest actions.’ ” They also reported that Yan Xuetong, an international relation’s professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing, said that “China has been narrowing the gap between its comprehensive national strength and that of the United States, (a development that) might be the cause of the growing competition between the two nations.”

Now, you would think with these kinds of tension and quotes of inevitable conflicts and war between us, that we would do all we could to prevent other strategic strongholds of our enemy from becoming a reality. Yet, China now paid its way to control a very strategic stronghold within the Panama Canal and are even building a new bridge that spans across it. They have space technologies and satellites orbiting the planet, which poses a huge threat, all because the Democrats attacked and blocked President Ronald Reagan from continuing on with his “Star Wars” defense plans. Now China is buying American companies operating inside America, such as Smithfield Foods Inc. back in 2013, and in 2016, China made a deal to buy crop science giant, Syngenta AG, the largest foreign acquisition by a Chinese company (China National Chemical Corp). and many others as well

Let’s not forget this is a communist country, who 100% controls all in their government, that all businesses and corporations in China are owned by the Chinese government. It does not stop there, there are many more examples, such as China making covert deals with the drug cartel in Mexico, trafficking fentanyl into the US, as well as human sex trafficking, which has only been aided by the leftist opposition to securing our borders tight, as they should be. A great example of this is the entire Obama administration who manipulated border perambulation to become useless, and in fact, placed water and emergency stations along the southern border for illegals to use, with directions written in Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Spanish and English.
Despite the pure hateful focused rhetoric we all keep hearing from the mainstream leftist/elitists against our President and the tariffs his administration has set forth, we know without a doubt they are weakening the Chinese manufacturing exports and slowing down all of Beijing’s economy, which means it is also slowing down their world domination plans. I think there is a saying that states the devil’s biggest accomplishment is spreading evil without anyone knowing it even exists, and that is what is happening. The divisional mindset of the progressive elitists and establishment politics on both sides is aiding the cultivation of our nation’s demise. The number of smoke screens being thrown to only divide our nation and take down our president are ridiculous. These smoke screens are to conceal the continued erosion of our Constitutional REPUBLIC and put in place a stronger, more pure democracy, that will evolve very quickly into a Socialist Democracy then to a National Socialist/Fascist mindset, which will then easily be taken over by a Communist SuperPower, like China.
Bill Gertz a national security columnist for the Washington Times, and Senior Editor of the Washington Free Beacon, says that the Chinese Communist Party had instituted a system of high tech totalitarianism, and has the goal of implementing it globally.
I say, they already have.

“Charlie Mike” (Continue the Mission)

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Gregg Cummings: An Introduction

Hello my Brother and Sister Patriots and War-fighters, my name is Gregg C. Cummings, and I will be sharing with you my strong perspectives on our patriotism, our sovereignty, and our condition of readiness. I developed this website to do just that, to hear from the perspectives of veterans, and well-seasoned patriots on issues of the day, as well as life after active duty, but before we dive into those details, I need to tell you a little more about me. I was born to understand the love for my country, not just because school said we should be proud, but because I grew up feeling “America” physically, and spiritually through nature, from living on campgrounds that my father managed. Experiencing the “Great American Experiment”, which surrounded every aspect of my life. My father, a WWII, Korean War and Vietnam Veteran, was definitely a personal hero to me as a child. I was camping at a very young age, making homemade bows, arrows, and spears, and running wild in the woods with my brothers before the age ten. We raised horses, hogs, rabbits, chickens, ducks, sheep and working hard alongside my brothers in it all. I joined the boy scouts and became a star scout before it was over. Then because I stuttered as a kid, fighting all the time was a norm for me, so my dad signed me up at a boxing gym to learn how to fight so I would not fall short as often. Watching my very traditional American mother struggle through the years after their divorce gave me a great respect for women in general for the hardships they have faced throughout history and still face today. Joining the military right out of high school I became a small arms specialist, a paratrooper, then became an engineer. During my military career I graduated from numerous combat-oriented trainings, and became a Ranger, Air Assault, Jump Master, and Rappel Master to name a few, and was an Instructor for Air Assault school, and Rappel Master School, as well as a Pre-Ranger Course, and served in real world theaters in Honduras on the Nicaraguan border, in the sands of Iraq and the Island of Haiti. Having duty stations in Ft Benning, GA, Stuttgart Germany, and Ft Bragg N.C. After the military, I finished my schooling with a degree in Sociology. I worked as a family counselor for a little while and a Police Officer for quite some time before jumping right into politics when the Tea Party Movement was triggered throughout the land. I founded We The People Tea Party of Southern Iowa, co-founded the Iowa Grassroots Coalition, and also worked nationally with both Strong America Now and the Tea Party Patriots. More recently, I co-founded and am the Vice President of the US First Defense Coalition, which brings together for the first time many border sheriffs and border citizen rancher coalitions, Angel Moms, as well as voices from the Border Patrol and other law enforcement agencies, into this single communication strength, that gives America a message, a place to go to for real reports, news and statistics, away from the fake and twisted news from the main stream media and congress. You will find this organization under the USFDC tab above. Now, I am consulting for some good companies and political advocacy organizations, such as, Patriot Mission out of Florida, who works with transitioning veterans who want to become entrepreneurs, and also with Vortex Blockchain Technologies out of Des Moines, Iowa, who are developing a one of a kind blockchain voting machines that are so needed and far overdue in our free Republic. So, because I have experience and networks of these focused demographics of Grassroot Americans, Law Enforcement, EMS and Military Veterans, I saw a need to launch this website and in a couple of months, a YouTube channel that will work hand and hand together. The opportunity, need and timing is now, and it is essential for the American society to truly wake up, listen to the voices of those who have sacrificed, so We The People can feed the equal justice needed to achieve our individual pursuit of happiness, as Americans, not as a skin color, not as a class, not as a hyphen, not as a gender, and not divided by sectoring each other away from one another in the name of diversity, but instead to unite each other by melting into one Nation, one People, in the name of university; E Pluribus Unum (from the many, one). Langston Hughes, the famous poet said it best, when he said, “America, the land that never has been, yet, but yet, must be.”He wasn’t trying to dismantle the American dream by those words, but to embrace it by recognizing the importance of what that dream actually is, which later Martin Luther King Jr., gave us a speech to that vision as well. Here is our Mission: To create an absolute, We The People network system, dedicated to Truth, Education, and Products with a seal of approval that everyone can trust.Not out to get rich, but to provide the resources available, so that Americans can prepare themselves before God, country, and family. To make available first-hand information and news straight from the sources themselves. To give resources and “how-to’s”, so the people can educate themselves about our duty to E Pluribus Unum, as citizens of this great Republic. The Columns: I assessed and reached out to key individuals from each of those demographics mentioned above, so they can talk about vital issues within America today from their individual perspectives and expertise, which we all can learn from, and use to debate and grow our Republic back to a healthy standing and beyond. My column will be called “Continue the Mission”, using the same title as this website. This blog is my messages to the world and to all of our great American Citizens, on many topics of discussion. You can expect my opinion, beliefs, and commitments to the oaths I gave on two separate occasions in my life. I will be straight forward, using a whole lot of candor on my positions and strong suggestions that the American people ought to behoove. For the civilian sector, that means your duty, and responsibility to do something. It is incumbent on you to stay engaged and keep our Republic alive and well. Make sure you check out all future articles, from all of our blogs, subscribe to them and reply to each, with your inputs, questions, and start being “E Pluribus Unum”. Strive to unite under our Star Spangled Banner to stay free; as an American Citizen, you must, “Charlie Mike” (Continue the Mission).