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Let’s talk wing clipping……yup, that’s right – wing clipping. This needs to periodically done for chickens and ducks. (Or anything that flies in your coop.) If, like me, your run and yards are not topped then this becomes a necessary task. Let’s me the culprit.
The culprit
This is one of my hatchlings…. she’s about a year now. About a week ago she discovered she could fly….. I’m typically fine with them gliding in the coop/yard. They get clipped when they discover they can fly over my fences. Luckily she (and many of them) discover my garden or backyard first….. she landed in my garden here.

Tools of the trade
First, you’re going to need some tools to do the job. I highly recommend a net. This is just a fishing net…. one of the large ones you can find at any sporting goods store and most feed store like Cal Ranch, IFA, and Tractor Supply. I believe I got mine at Cal Ranch. If you wait till the fall when fishing season is primarily over you can often find them on seasonal clearance. (That’s how I found mine.) You’ll also need some plain old scissors. I often keep a pair or two out in my coop on a nail for the just in case.

Flying the coop
Now it’s time to catch your culprit. She had to give a chase….. yup she flew over to my neighbor’s yard. So, we drove around the corner and caught her. Turning the birds upside down not only makes it much easier to hold the birds and clip their wings, but it also tends to calm them down as a general rule. Though with ducks not as much as with chickens. However, it does make it easier to subdue them if they get nervous again by just pushing their head back down. You can do it with just you, BUT it’s way easier with two.

Let’s clip! Just start just above her 1st layer of feathers on the underside of the wing. Only one wing because the point is to make the birds unbalanced so they cannot fly. Clip the whole length. As a side note, this does NOT hurt the birds. That’s it! Put the bird back in your coop ,and they just have a duck conference telling their fellows their adventures.

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Jessica Stewart: An Introduction

Hello and Welcome! Pull up a chair to my virtual kitchen table at Mama Jess. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s chat! My name is Jessie; I am a wife of 21+ years to my Maintenance Man, mother to 3 teens (Munchkin *18 years, Lil’ Bit *17 years, and Bubby *14 years old), and I’m also a full time homesteader of 7 steady years. I had urban stead before my tiny steading (half acre) for about 8 years. I have been learning and practicing many of the steading skill most of my life in one form or another. Let me tell you about my mini farm! When I say mini, I mean mini. I homestead on a half-acre! Shocking huh? Welp, I’m here to tell you it can be done. J I currently have a decent sized raised bed garden (20 food boxes), and about 25ish birds (a mix of chickens and Muscovy ducks). I have future plans of adding meat rabbits and turkeys. I do currently milk for a local co-op once a week for the last 6 years. I’ll try most anything at least once. I have learnt many skills and yet, at the same time, not near enough. (I think most homesteaders feel this way.) I make cheese, yogurt, and plenty from scratch (for multiple dietary needs). I love cooking and baking. I find it therapeutic and love knowing what’s in my food. I am an avid canner (of serval methods). If I can stick in a jar, I’ll can it. If you say I cannot can it, then you’ll probably find me in the kitchen figuring out how to can it anyway. J I love gardening (have my whole life). I love the old school farm to table….You grow it, butcher it, preserve it, and eat it! Speaking of butchering, I do that too. I do have to put in a disclaimer here; I’ve never butchered large animals (yetJ). As I have extra ducks and chickens I use them as freezer meat. I have been a homemaker for 21+ years now, 14+ of those have been full time. I have had many side hustles over the years to help with the need of extra income for things not easily budgeted for, such as kids’ clothes, school supplies, etc. Of those side hustles, being a professional cleaner was my mainstay. I have lots of tips and tricks to clean in any season of life. I am excited to share what I have learned over the years to help y’all in some small way. My kids have been public schooled, and now my younger two have been switched to homeschooling this past school year. I find there are pros and cons to both and as of right now; I find homeschooling fits our current needs. I’m happy to share how we have chosen to homeschool along with my thoughts on public schooling (plus what to look for in public schooling) to help y’all choose what’s best for your kids. I also have friends who advocate for both and hope to have them guest post soon! I’m a firm believer in Real Life Economics 101. These will be posts that share real life skills that are much needed in today’s life that I believe are slowly dying. These skills range from homesteading skills to homemaking skills. They also include basic finance skills to manage your monies more efficiently with much less debt. Due to these basic skills my husband and I live on 1 main income for a family of 5. It’s not easy and does require some sacrifices to be made, but if you’re interested in such a life style or just learn how to reduce your debt then these posts are for you. This blog is my journey on homesteading and homemaking. I hope to pass on some dying skills, share my ups and downs, and family life as we go along. I love sharing recipes (of all kinds: from food to cleaners to beauty products). I hope to share both written and video how-to(s), along with written and video blogs. I have soooo many idea, tips, and know how’s to share I can’t even state them all here! Are you up to joining me on my homesteading/homemaking journey? Homesteading and homemaking means so much too so many…. This is my take on it all. Blessings from my Home to yours, Jessie