Veterans – Agricultural Farming

Contact: (360) 553-3577



Service Area: WA

Serving: Veterans

Description: [Located in Lynden/Mount Vernon, WA]
They empower Veterans to cultivate purpose and belonging by growing food, community, and each other.

Situated in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, between the Cascade Mountain Range and the Puget Sound, our certified organic farm serves as the cornerstone for Growing Veterans. This is where their peer-support and community engagement ethos come to life. They invite folks from all over the community to come and join, because it is impossible for a Veteran to fully come home without being an active member of their community again. Vets are welcomed home, stereotypes are broken, and friendships are formed.

They are a place you can find purpose and camaraderie again. They serve as a professional steppingstone, giving Veterans an opportunity to build their resume and their individual skill sets. Opportunities for Vet’s to get involved to include employment, internships, and work-study. Activities do not have to be limited to peer-support, farm, or market -they have veterans helping with organizational development, fundraising, business and community networking, and educational projects.