Finding a new career

Transitioning into a new career field can seem overwhelming. You have to decide on what you even want to do, what you can do, what are you qualified to do, how can you get qualified or education to be marketable, college, trade, or certifications? There are so many questions and the answers are not always easy to come to. There are local VA vocational rehab centers usually in your area, there are wounded warrior online resources, VA liaisons are typically located within the financial aid offices of most schools, there are online resources like where you can network with other vets and organizations that can help you. The best resource in my experience is having a strong support system of some battles that have already transitioned. I know that as an infantryman I could not relate my professional experience to a civilian profession outside of law enforcement and contracting. One of the things that I have found is that our soft skills make us extremely marketable to employers, we just need to learn how to phrase and word those soft skills in a way that civilians see the value that we bring to their organization. One of the largest skills we bring to an organization and that set us apart from most is our critical problem solving skills. We in the military are able to think on our feet, analyze situations critically, and formulate logical and efficient solutions to those problems while under severe stress. For more ways to translate your soft skills and NCOER or OER bullets as well feel free to comment or email me.

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