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Service Area: Nationwide

Serving: Veterans of Foreign Wars (with whom has served in a war campaign or expedition on foreign soil or in hostile waters)

Description: (NVS) National Veteran Service is here to assist you with your VA Claims and Benefits.

inancial Grants up to $1,500 under the VFW “Unmet Needs program” assisting military families who have run into unexpected financial difficulties as a result of deployment or other military-related activity or injury, no payment is required.

The VFW’s Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship” (up to $5,000) provides service members and veterans with financial assistance they need to complete their educational goals without incurring excessive student loan debt.

VFW Mental Wellness Campaign, with a staggering 22 veterans committing suicide every day, the VFW is committed to helping change the narrative and stigma surrounding mental health in America. In order to raise awareness, foster community engagement, improve research and provide intervention for those affected by invisible injuries and emotional stress, the VFW has teamed up with the nationwide organizations, Give an Hour, Campaign to Change Directions, One Mind, PatientsLikeMe and the Elizabeth Dole Foundation to combat critical issues.

The VFW appreciates your service, and so do patriotic businesses across the country. That's why we've teamed up to offer you - as a VFW member - and your family discounted pricing on valuable merchandise and services. It's just one more way we're able to say "thank you" for all you've done to protect our freedom!