We have lost more ground in the United States in the past nearly eleven months under the Biden Administration, and the Schumer/Pelosi Congress than we have since America was founded. Instead of going forward, they have taken us in a gigantic leap backwards that has put us in a worse position than our Founding Fathers had to deal with to give us this great nation.

When asked, Franklin said that ” its a Republic, if you can keep it.” It seems as though we don’t want to keep it.

What has happened to the American spirit? Where is our fortitude and the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Where is our faith in Almighty God?

Why have we ceased to pursue the American Dream?

The process of our demise has been orchestrated by those we look up to as our own. It has not been perpetrated largely from without. That fact should concern us.

Will we have the drive and desire to turn America around before we self destruct and become a forgotten source of freedom that has served as a beacon of hope for the world since our beginning, Or will we survive these dark days?

Only we can answer those questions. We are the only ones who can rebuild, restore, and revive America.

Failure to do so will be the loss of the greatest experiment of freedom that the world has ever known and given to mankind by God, outside of His Theocratic rule.

God will restore His rein upon the earth. Have no doubt about that, but for the present He has granted us the privilege to be His Ambassadors. He gave us the tools and the ability to succeed, but we misused them and seem to have failed.

If we who are called by His Name will hear and obey His voice, and trust in His providence, we can once again be good Ambassadors for His sake.

Are you willing to allow our God and Savior Jesus Christ to lead the way once again?
The choice is yours.

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