The State of Our Union has sank to an all time low.

We must do everything in our power to restore America. We especially need to call upon the Lord to lead us into restoration, and trust in Him to guide us to victory. Failure to take action now will result in a a fundamentally changed America base on Socialism.

The Democratic Woke Progressives are destroying this country, and our morals.
They are using abortion, tansgenderism, men in women’s sports, sexual perversion of our children, to drag shows in our schools, our Libraries, and pedophiles in our society; they are making mincemeat out of our great freedom loving nation.
Not to mention out of control inflation, and the travesty of not securing our borders.

We should be in continuous prayer, and doing everything possible to make sure that America 🇺🇸 is turned around.

It’s up to us, to uphold the standards that make up a good and just society based on God’s standards. Our children need direction and lessons in morality, not perversion or confusion.

Where are our leaders and those who are spiritual leaders? We need to hold them just as accountable as our elected officials. It’s time for the Church to stand in the gap.
Compliancy is not option for us. We must be vigilant.

Our Founders did not intend for this country to be degraded and fall into its current state. They wanted each generation to strive for a better and greater America. We were given the best blueprint in the history of mankind to succeed.
Why aren’t we doing that?

It’s past time for the good people of America to wake up, and pick up our Bibles and Constitutions, so that together we can Make America Great Again. No one person can succeed. We must work together.

America has served as a beacon of hope, Freedom, and sanctuary for the world since our Founding as a nation. Let’s not drop the ball now.

There is hope for us as a nation. All that we need to do as a people is to remember that United we stand, but divided we will ultimately fall.
Let’s join together and save the good Ole USA.

~Emery McClendon

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