Politically Deaf Democrats Continue Radical Agenda

After the voters spoke, the politically deaf Democrats are planning to plow ahead with their Leftist agenda.

Joe Biden suffered a political lashing on Tuesday, Nov. 2, but the Democrats want to continue pushing the radical Leftist agenda. Democrats do not care about what the voters want but plow ahead with their national or local plan.

Democrats lost Virginia governor’s race and had an uncomfortably close gubernatorial election in New Jersey, yet the White House and officials across the party pledged to continue leftist domestic agenda. Some Democrats even said Tuesday’s results only added to the pressure to complete their radical leftist goals on expanding social services, IRS power, environmental restrictions, and race/gender politics.

Grassroots citizens need to organize and elect people who support conservative values at the local and state level to defend themselves from federal oppression.

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George Rodriguez: An Introduction

George Rodriguez is a nationally known blogger, author, and regular guest on English and Spanish newscasts. Mr. Rodriguez was born in Laredo, Texas, and raised in San Antonio. He is a Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush appointee who worked for the Department of Justice in civil rights, immigration, and housing issues. He also worked with the White House Office of Public Liaison. George also worked on Capitol Hill on civil rights and immigration legislation. Mr. Rodriguez worked for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Jack Kemp as a special assistant and then served as director of the HUD offices in Houston and West Virginia. After HUD, he worked with the Katrina Recovery program as an anti-fraud compliance officer and for the City of San Antonio as a real estate director before his retirement in 2010. George made national history in March 2011, when he was named President of the San Antonio Tea Party and became the first Hispanic president of a larger Tea Party group in the U.S. Mr. Rodriguez published his first book in December 2018, “El Conservador:” Conservative Opinions,” which is a compilation of essays and editorials regarding race relations, immigration, and border security, and the Fake News. The book is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other book outlets. Rodriguez does a weekly radio show on KLUP 930 AM “The Answer” radio and a daily blog talk radio. His program will soon be heard on stations in Austin, Washington, DC, and McAllen, TX. He is also a regular guest on national and local newscasts, including Fox News, Univision, and Telemundo. He is a graduate of Brigham Young University with a degree in Political Science and Journalism and certificates in Community Building from DePaul University and Harvard University. You can follow Rodriguez on social media at Elconservador.net, on Facebook at “El Conservador”, Tweeter at El_conservador,” and on MeWe at “El Conservador.”