The Electoral College, a shield of the people, being attacked to strip away more of our defense against tyranny. In 1787 when this new form of government (a Representative Republic) in the world was formed, developed within it, was the “protection” of the electoral college for the people. At that time, all knew that there is a responsibility and a duty that comes with being a citizen of the United States of America, more so than just our vote. Up to this point in history, most have only dealt with monarchies, dictatorships, oligarchies, and socialistic governments, where the authority always dictated from the top down, and they never lasted because of it. The government mandating, what the people can and cannot do, but now with this new government, this new law of the land, (our Constitutional Republic), working hand and hand with the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights is just the opposite of anything that existed before, it tells the government what it cannot do to the people.
This very unique new government, made it so that the citizens themselves are the authority thereof. The citizens must be engaged to make the Republic work; a self-governing government. Yes, there are small acting parts of democracy within this new government, but a more harnessed democracy, controlled and directed by the engagement of each individual citizen, which changes a democracy into our Constitutional Representative Republic. No more standing as a democracy voting in leaders to be the dictators of the people who voted in the leadership. This acknowledgement of the people to work hard, as a free people, to defend each and everyone’s individual sovereignty based on the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, is in itself, the act of exercising citizenship for America. Being a representative republic throws away the idea that majority rules, and our separation of powers (Executive, Judicial, and Legislative), insures the checks and balances the people have, to hold the government accountable for the citizenship. It’s important here, to note that our system, if honored as the rule of law, is what prevents us from ever falling into a dictatorial-rule, top down, style of government. The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights are in fact, collectively, a call to action for American citizens to individually stand up, and get engaged; I cannot emphasize that enough.

The opposition to the electoral college will try and tell you that the very reason for it, gives an unfair representation of less populated states over more populated ones, while hiding the fact that they are actually saying the less populated state’s voice should not matter in the greater grand scheme of things; just another wolf telling the lambs what is for supper. You see, this same opposition will give you polls of the American people that support eliminating the electoral college, when in fact polls are useless on this subject, because the majority of high school, college, graduates or citizens have no clue of what the electoral college even is, let alone know why it was developed in the first place. I challenge anyone reading this article, to go ask the first 10 people they see and have them explain the electoral vote. I think Alexander Hamilton explained the importance best in the Federalist Papers #68, when he stated, that electors come directly from the people and they alone for that purpose only, and for that time only. It is suppose to avoid a party ran legislature or a governing body influenced by interests outside each state that differs from themselves, that no corruption in one state can affect another state’s outcome. In fact, I like the way he describes the makeup of the “United” States of America, when he points out the clear sovereignty of each individual state and the Electoral College Vote, then gathers the will of the “United”, and not the dictatorship of a “majority.”

Our Constitutional Republic is, respecting, honoring, and defending the liberties to all ends possible. This new form of government took away any obedience to a monarch and replaced it with the Constitution, for We The People, for E Pluribus Unum (from the many one) for the “United” States of America. Not the united 10 states of America.
This very way of life is what made America the most beneficial nation on Earth, and yes, even today, socialistic and communistic mentalities around the globe continued to try and dominate world government, and many times targeting our very way of liberty, as an obstacle. This new American experiment has lasted over 243 years, but not without a steady drip, drip, drip, of socialism, communism, fascism, Marxism, and humanism, that is slowly eroding away our system of government, almost as fast as we the people try to perfect it. The erosion leads us back to a new and improved example of failed governments of the past.
So, to prevent mob rule over every state, the founders put a protection in that gives each state at the very least 3 electoral votes, then that way each state will have at least 1 representative for the house and 2 senators for the senate. Population then comes into play and assessed, to determine more representatives for each state. This is fair, as fair can be, to keep the states “United”.
That brings me to the big picture, of why the far leftists are attacking the electoral college, the open borders, the citizenship question on the national census, capitalism, and whether or not the constitution is outdated. They strategically want to erode that which our nation is built on, to “fundamentally change” it to a submissive society that answers to an elitist oligarchy style of socialist governing. Not at all a fear mongering statement, which the opposition will tell you, but there are factual events happening, in a purposeful, large scale, synergistic effort to “transform” America, to something it is not, nor was ever meant to be. The electoral college did exactly what it was supposed to do, it prevented Hillary Clinton from taking the presidency with 19 states as opposed to Donald J. Trump’s 31 states.

“Charlie Mike” (Continue the Mission)

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"Charlie Mike" (Continue the Mission): An Introduction

Hello my Brother and Sister Patriots and War-fighters, my name is Gregg C. Cummings, and I will be sharing with you my strong perspectives on our patriotism, our sovereignty, and our condition of readiness. I developed this website to do just that, to hear from the perspectives of veterans, and well-seasoned patriots on issues of the day, as well as life after active duty, but before we dive into those details, I need to tell you a little more about me. I was born to understand the love for my country, not just because school said we should be proud, but because I grew up feeling “America” physically, and spiritually through nature, from living on campgrounds that my father managed. Experiencing the “Great American Experiment”, which surrounded every aspect of my life. My father, a WWII, Korean War and Vietnam Veteran, was definitely a personal hero to me as a child. I was camping at a very young age, making homemade bows, arrows, and spears, and running wild in the woods with my brothers before the age ten. We raised horses, hogs, rabbits, chickens, ducks, sheep and working hard alongside my brothers in it all. I joined the boy scouts and became a star scout before it was over. Then because I stuttered as a kid, fighting all the time was a norm for me, so my dad signed me up at a boxing gym to learn how to fight so I would not fall short as often. Watching my very traditional American mother struggle through the years after their divorce gave me a great respect for women in general for the hardships they have faced throughout history and still face today. Joining the military right out of high school I became a small arms specialist, a paratrooper, then became an engineer. During my military career I graduated from numerous combat-oriented trainings, and became a Ranger, Air Assault, Jump Master, and Rappel Master to name a few, and was an Instructor for Air Assault school, and Rappel Master School, as well as a Pre-Ranger Course, and served in real world theaters in Honduras on the Nicaraguan border, in the sands of Iraq and the Island of Haiti. Having duty stations in Ft Benning, GA, Stuttgart Germany, and Ft Bragg N.C. After the military, I finished my schooling with a degree in Sociology. I worked as a family counselor for a little while and a Police Officer for quite some time before jumping right into politics when the Tea Party Movement was triggered throughout the land. I founded We The People Tea Party of Southern Iowa, co-founded the Iowa Grassroots Coalition, and also worked nationally with both Strong America Now and the Tea Party Patriots. More recently, I co-founded and am the Vice President of the US First Defense Coalition, which brings together for the first time many border sheriffs and border citizen rancher coalitions, Angel Moms, as well as voices from the Border Patrol and other law enforcement agencies, into this single communication strength, that gives America a message, a place to go to for real reports, news and statistics, away from the fake and twisted news from the main stream media and congress. You will find this organization under the USFDC tab above. Now, I am consulting for some good companies and political advocacy organizations, such as, Patriot Mission out of Florida, who works with transitioning veterans who want to become entrepreneurs, and also with Vortex Blockchain Technologies out of Des Moines, Iowa, who are developing a one of a kind blockchain voting machines that are so needed and far overdue in our free Republic. So, because I have experience and networks of these focused demographics of Grassroot Americans, Law Enforcement, EMS and Military Veterans, I saw a need to launch this website and in a couple of months, a YouTube channel that will work hand and hand together. The opportunity, need and timing is now, and it is essential for the American society to truly wake up, listen to the voices of those who have sacrificed, so We The People can feed the equal justice needed to achieve our individual pursuit of happiness, as Americans, not as a skin color, not as a class, not as a hyphen, not as a gender, and not divided by sectoring each other away from one another in the name of diversity, but instead to unite each other by melting into one Nation, one People, in the name of university; E Pluribus Unum (from the many, one). Langston Hughes, the famous poet said it best, when he said, “America, the land that never has been, yet, but yet, must be.”He wasn’t trying to dismantle the American dream by those words, but to embrace it by recognizing the importance of what that dream actually is, which later Martin Luther King Jr., gave us a speech to that vision as well. Here is our Mission: To create an absolute, We The People network system, dedicated to Truth, Education, and Products with a seal of approval that everyone can trust.Not out to get rich, but to provide the resources available, so that Americans can prepare themselves before God, country, and family. To make available first-hand information and news straight from the sources themselves. To give resources and “how-to’s”, so the people can educate themselves about our duty to E Pluribus Unum, as citizens of this great Republic. The Columns: I assessed and reached out to key individuals from each of those demographics mentioned above, so they can talk about vital issues within America today from their individual perspectives and expertise, which we all can learn from, and use to debate and grow our Republic back to a healthy standing and beyond. My column will be called “Continue the Mission”, using the same title as this website. This blog is my messages to the world and to all of our great American Citizens, on many topics of discussion. You can expect my opinion, beliefs, and commitments to the oaths I gave on two separate occasions in my life. I will be straight forward, using a whole lot of candor on my positions and strong suggestions that the American people ought to behoove. For the civilian sector, that means your duty, and responsibility to do something. It is incumbent on you to stay engaged and keep our Republic alive and well. Make sure you check out all future articles, from all of our blogs, subscribe to them and reply to each, with your inputs, questions, and start being “E Pluribus Unum”. Strive to unite under our Star Spangled Banner to stay free; as an American Citizen, you must, “Charlie Mike” (Continue the Mission).