US Southwestern Border Special Update

US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP)
CBP is enforcing enforcement title 42. Plus the President has passed
emergency orders suspending cross border traffic. To include blocking
asylum seekers and the so called DACA individuals. All catch and release
measures have ended along the entirety of the Southern Border. Illegal
Aliens (IA’s) that attempt crossing are apprehended quickly and made to
wear a mask for protection from Corvid 19. Afterwards, IA’s are processed
into the nearest CBP Station and then deported. If having a felony being
held and processed. Policy enforcement all across the border. All catch and
release policies are over.
Texas to Arizona – 30 ft Ballard anti-climbing see through walls continue
with construction. The Corvid 19 outbreak has no effect on the construction
or logistics for the construction.
Cartel Activity has attempted various changes to evade CBP as well as the
Texas Volunteers – largely to continue narco traffic. Significant amounts of
fentanyl, meth, black tar heroin continue to move into the US. Most of the
fentanyl and meth products originate from China both in product and
chemical compounds. All major cartel networks otherwise called – Drug
Trafficking Organizations (DTO’s) are supplied with large amounts of the
raw products directly from China.
In general, across Texas, illegal foot traffic of caravans has ceased.
Leaving very careful and well planned and coordinated small 3 to 5 groups
crossing. The exception is the lower Rio Grande Valley (RGV). That area
was inundated by caravans last year. Although lower numbers are coming,
groups of 10 to 15 are common and steady. A majority of IA’s are mostly
wearing carpet shoes to hide tracks and various camo clothing. Some
ranchers report seeing them with smaller backpacks and armed. Smaller
packs tend to mean a lessening of marijuana for far more lucrative
transport of meth / fentanyl.

New Mexico

New Mexico- Remains under the control of extreme left wing, open border
democrat governor. Illegal cross border traffic continues over the Boot heel
areas, to include, Denning / Dona Ana County. CBP, continuing the policy
of no catch and release but with very limited help from local enforcement.
Locals tend to remain quieter out of a combine issue of no local
enforcement and overwhelmed CBP.

Very strong enforcement. Cochise and Yuma Counties have developed
local SABRE Teams made up of well experienced Sheriff Office Deputies
that work closely with local residents and federal enforcement. With the
help of a state government trying to assist local enforcement / residents,
the Sabre teams have shut down large areas of the border. Small Sabre
teams have become more effective than several hundred CBP officers.

Sabre teams report similar tactics as seen in Texas. IA are now in full camo
and slipping into vehicles. Sabre team began noticing and now there back
into normal clothes to avoid sabre teams. Cartel coyotes predominantly
working in towns on both sides of the border and coordinating with groups
in the field with cell phones. No coyotes on ranch. Mexican cell towers are
excellent. Nogales has an upswing in traffic. This largely due to the
effective strategies being employed by Sheriff Sabre teams, which are
driving cartel spotters / coyotes away from the ranches. Methods being
used are classified. CBP officers in Arizona apprehend about 40 IA’s per week for the last 6 mos. 30 ft Ballard anti-climbing border wall construction continues with no effect from the covid 19 outbreak.

Other items of special note
OTM’s (Other than Mexican) – still continues (Texas RGV to Yuma AZ) to
include apprehensions of individuals from Central America, China, and
other Asian entities.

Border is far better than any time in the past two federal administrations.
However, New Mexico remains the clear and present danger along our
National Border. Parts of the RGV still needing attention. Cartels are also
becoming more dangerous and determined as enforcement increases.
Much more serious and lethal narcotics are moving across the border,
especially Chinese derived compounds to make fentanyl and meth
products. Chinese nationals are continually being caught all across our
Southern border, sometimes weekly.
President Trump, has done tremendous work to finally putting the border
on the right tract to secure. However, loopholes still permeate federal
legislation. President Trumps emergency orders are only temporary and to
some extent contingent on Mexican authorities stepping up enforcement.

Prepared by the USFDC
April 5, 2020
Stay Safe America

Mark Hager President USFDC
April 29, 2020

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