USFDC Border Report – The Diversion of Del Rio –

USFDC Border Report
Sept 23, 2021
I. Texas
1. The Del Rio Surge of 17,000 Illegal Aliens caused the redeployment of US Border assets (Texas DPS, NG, CBP etc.) into Val Verde County. This weakened status was immediately utilized by Cartels in the lower RGV. Large groups of 50 or more aliens are being sent across a 10-county region causing diversions of remaining local law enforcement. Ranchers / residents reporting fences being destroyed, property damage, and unoccupied structures becoming stash houses for human smuggling and narcotics. This activity is common over 120 miles into Texas and over most of the lower RGV. No help from federal resources and little aid from the state. Residents are on their own but trying to coordinate to report movement and damage. The Texas Volunteers continue to document, set cameras, and coordinate with the few law enforcement (LE) to slow the movement of massive illegal cross border traffic. The IA’s spotted, caught on cameras, and sometimes apprehended by LE are from multiple nations.
2. Brooks county – 101 bodies in Brooks County this year. 20% tested positive for Covid. Well over 200 bodies have been identified in a 10-county area along the interior RGV (Rio Grande Valley). Projection is for 300 for this year. 14 more bodies recently has led to a portable morgue to hold bodies for the medical examiner. Coyotes / Spotters continue to be active across the RGV and the rural roads linking to I-10. Homes and vehicles are broken into and/or stolen along hwy 285 used to bring down fences in order to open the corridors. Brooks County Sheriff Office down to 1 deputy another remains injured. Hospitals across the RGV are at full capacity – Covid outbreaks. 85% of the patients are illegal aliens.
3. The Del Rio Situation has changed due to 3 factors – One, the Biden administration has ordered the mass of illegal aliens (mostly Haitian) to interior US CBP stations. Then, instead of flying Haitians back to Haiti or origins in South America. They are bused into US Cities and released. Two, in the process of moving groups out of Del Rio, rumors are spread that the US is flying Haitians back to Haiti. At first many IA’s fled back into Mexico where Mexican authorities apprehended some in hotels along the RGV. Together, this resulted in moving approximately 8,000 from the bridge area in Del Rio. The third and last part has caused large numbers to siphon off and enter the US near Eagle Pass / Carrizo Springs, TX. The result is massive movement of cartel coordinated groups from the middle RGV up to and just beyond Eagle Pass. In the meanwhile, UNESCO / Open Border groups continue to funnel thousands of illegal aliens through the tri border regions into Southern Mexico to prepare for entry into the US.
4. SIA’s / OTM’s (other-than-Mexicans) (RGV) – continue to evade US Border Enforcement. It’s $70,000 for Chinese nationals to cross into the US but some are using sophisticated equipment with no cartel guides nearby. Where they are going and why they are entering is unknown. Thankfully members of the Texas Volunteers have them on camera.
5. Narcotic Movement – New fentanyl derived components are coming into Mexico via China and have caused overdoses in the United States. Well-coordinated drug mule groups fan out to different points for pick up (GPS Navigation). CBP is overwhelmed and has lost control of drug mules and cartels know it. Expect large increases in US drug overdoses this year.
10. Propaganda – UNESCO – The Paris based office of education for the UN has over 9000 employees helping a worldwide attempt to overwhelm the United States. Socialist propaganda spread via Marxist elements in the Roman Catholic, Lutheran Inc organizations are aiding illegal transnational organizations. They use propaganda slogans such as “No More Deaths” as banners. Reports circulate they are aided by the Sierra Club. Inside the US the organizations are helping and coordinating IA’s to evade US sovereignty. Cell Phones are coordinated by groups in South / Central America and then across the US. On a cell phone from a dead alien was a call from a English speaking woman trying to determine where their group was. The call was from a church in the US. US enforcement is not allowed to keep or confiscate cell phone devices.
11. Airline Vouchers – Vouchers are given for IA’s to fly by the thousands and IA’s are observed going to ATM’s and getting cash. Hotels are paid by US Gov’t to house IA’s as they are being moved at tax payer expense to destinations across America. Not enough buses or people with CDL’s to get people caught out of the border areas. Kids are placed on regular airlines. Common IA coordinated tactic – Child when asked age is 7 years old or older. Tells agents name and place of parent and tax payer dollars are used to unite the alleged alien family. Tax payers are paying the final leg of the journey whether by bus or plane.
12. Disease – Strains of Human TB have spread into the US. Some continue to spread into cattle. Health department will not give info on the people found with TB. Parasitic disease such as encephalitis is spreading from the RGV into the US. A whole host of diseases are observed in aliens to include Covid. Expects a continued spread of diseases to include Covid in schools / work environments where IA’s find employment / education.

II. Texas Numbers
1. RGV Ports of Entry average 3000 to 4000 IA’s per day. Val Verde / Del Rio apprehended 6000 under one bridge on Sept 15. This activity in Val Verde County occurs everyday with no relief in sight.
2. Daily –Dead bodies are continually being found in the Rio Grande River, adjacent canals and over 120 miles into the US. Most are the result of exhaustion. They are left behind. In some cases, deceased women are found with injuries suspected of attempting to escape from their human traffickers. Some found alive report sexual abuse.
3. Getaways – Most of the getaways that do get caught have previous criminal backgrounds and include SIA’s (aliens from nations hostile to the US). They move quick to gain access to interstate hwys and larger interior cities. CBP reports that over 35% of illegal cross border activity gets away. Approximately 2.5 to 4 % are suspected SIA’s of middle eastern origin.
5. Weapons – Weapons are reported on coyotes / drug mule drivers. These reports come from local residents, hunters, and law enforcement.
6. West Texas / the Big Bend – Groups of IA’s continue to cross – 40 to 60 at a time. Ranch fences are being cut even in these areas. This activity surpasses numbers from any other time.
8. Hudspeth County – Area also reports large groups of IA’s crossing. Over 20 bodies have been recovered in the past few months with reports of others by areas residents. County deputy injured in a head on collision purposely done by an IA to deter enforcement. The county is having to raise taxes in order to keep up basic community functions (first responders, schools, jail etc.). local resources are being drained weekly. Over 3 % of illegal alien’s getaways are SIA’s (Middle eastern).
9. SPECIAL NOTE – The Highway Patrolmen from across the nation volunteering to help Texas DPS have had to return. TX DPS is reporting exhausted officers now facing difficulty supporting CBP. Texas National Guard – They are trying to help and fill in for the loss in DPS support. But mostly diverted into the Del Rio area.
10. Texas – Cost to sustain border control efforts is nearing exhaustion. The glaring danger is the number of SIA’s that crossed and were never seen due to overwhelmed local resources.

III. New Mexico

1. Wide open. Much of the border is nothing but a single barbed wire. The state is controlled by an open border democrat party. Residents are asking for help along the border especially in parts of the boot heel region. The Boot Heel region is wide open. Large groups have been spotted. All wearing carpet shoes to avoid tracking. The arid / low humidity of the area makes tracking via dog very difficult. CBP redeployments to Del Rio results in few apprehensions. Much of the equipment used to build the Trump wall has been left by the Biden Administration and now stolen. The likely hood of SIA infiltration in these groups spotted by ranchers is most probable. Ease to access points from Mexico to I-10 make high value IA’s / human smuggling less complicated.
2. As reported several months ago several New Mexico State Police officers were shot and one executed by a cartel operative along interstate 10. High speed chases mostly involving CBP are occurring. Vehicles have been stolen and used in a similar fashion as Texas. Fences have been cut and vehicles abandoned. Numerous locations have been documented where illegal cross border traffic dispose of carpet shoes, camo clothing, back packs, blankets etc. Using GPS / Cell Phones the groups rendezvous to designated points. They discard old items, clean up and change into new clothing. The result, litter everywhere.
3. The Coyotes (guiding drug mules / human smugglers) – Wear camouflage clothing and are armed. They discard camo clothing at points in the US and change into regular street clothing as they return. Deming, NM has a small population and Luna County even less. Making the areas wide open.

IV. Arizona

1. Similar to Texas – all AZ border counties are reporting large increase in numbers. Border ranchers are documenting via concealed camera systems that large numbers are IA’s are moving frequently. Most traffic is in complete camouflage clothing and wearing carpet shoes to avoid being tracked. Careful coordination by human smugglers arrange pick up at designated GPS locations. Old clothing, carpet shoes are discarded at these locations leaving piles of garbage. New changes of clothing, shoes, personal cleaning items are given before being picked up near main highways / interstates.
2. Tucson Sector – Rancher’s report movement even in broad day light. CBP officers are being pulled to try to help Texas. Leaving fewer resources in AZ / NM and Cartels are taking advantage of the situation. Cochise County Sheriff’s Office very busy with high-speed chases and other diversionary tactics. Large groups passing through ranch land to points along I-10. Large areas without CBP which have been redeployed to Del Rio.
3. Yuma, AZ – Sept 16 – Sheriff Office at 1 am caught 140 from Brazil. Recently, 25 bodies have been recovered. 146 across the Arizona Border area. On September 23, another group of 106 was caught. Many were from Uzbekistan, Brazil, and Cuba.
4. Tucson / Phoenix are sanctuary cities – City Government is getting paid to bring in and house the IA’s. Tucson Sector CBP has been diverted away – 300 agents have been sent elsewhere into processing duties or other areas. Wilcox CBP station is empty. Wilcox agents were diverted into areas around Reservations. That leaves the Chiricahua Mountain Range wide open – all the way to I-10. No idea who the getaways are. Little CBP enforcement to I-10.

V. Conclusion

The border has been overrun. Remaining attempts to control the flood of IA’s is piece meal at best. No county along the border is idle. The sophistication used to exploit the US Mexican Border is a transnational operation. The aggregate numbers of illegal aliens entering the United States is impossible to determine. The danger to the citizens of the United States is imminent. Aliens with many criminal offenses have crossed and even recrossed into the US. The cities and neighborhoods these criminal aliens are heading to is unknown. The border region is now overrun. Unknown numbers of illegal aliens from nations hostile to the US are entering for reasons unknown. Dangers carefully laid out in the 911 Commission Report dealing with National Security are being ignored.
To fund and operate the lucrative transnational drug / human trafficking operations, local enforcement should assume stash houses for drugs and human trafficking are being actively used. Human smuggling into America is occurring at unsustainable levels. Money laundering & human trafficking using compromised businesses, construction / landscaping sites, restaurants, convenience stores have to be widespread. Cartels by conservative estimates are making nearly $200 million per week just in human smuggling operations.
Also, expect trafficking operations being organized under the disguise of a church. What happens on the border, you must expect, into the interior. The spread of communicable diseases will continue and even spike as illegal cross border activity continues. The impact of thousands of newly arrived, untested / unvaccinated IA’s in schools is unknown. In conservative estimates approx. 2 to 4 percent of IA apprehensions and getaways are potential SIA’s. Meaning the potential of 3200 to 4000 Islamic terrorists have crossed into the US since November 2020. In military terms that is a light infantry division. The threat to national security and community safety is immediate.
We suggest US residents keep a UHF / VHF radio scanner nearby to hear information from local sheriffs and first responders should a terrorist attack happen. In such areas, cell phone use may be limited.

Prepared by USFDC
Stay safe America!

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