USFDC Special Report – It’s Just a Matter of Time Aug 23, 2021

USFDC Special Report – Just a matter of time
August 23, 2021
Law Enforcement along the Southern Border along with Border Ranchers are reporting that the situation is the worse they have ever seen. The border surges from 2009-2014 responsible for the deaths of law enforcement officers and residents such as CBP Brian Terry and Rancher Rob Krentz may pale to the crisis now unfolding.
SIA (Special Interest Aliens) meaning aliens from areas hostile to the United States are coming in unprecedented numbers. The getaways are particularly worrisome. Border sheriffs, ranchers, CBP estimate 1.2 to 3.5 percent are from the Middle east. Estimates of camera confirmed getaways year to date is approx. 300,000. Just 1 percent is 3000. In military terms – a light division of Middle eastern fighting age males, have evaded, US enforcement and headed to parts unknown. Remember, we are using the absolute low-end percentage of 1 percent (getaways).
Furthermore, the majority (90%) of the aliens attempting to become getaways but are caught have criminal records. The officers apprehending and residents that witness, report that those individual aliens, are not entering to find jobs. The reality is both SIA’s and the majority of getaways are entering the US for potential criminal activity. Mostly, to support logistical operations to enhance human smuggling, and narcotic operations. In the mix, is a number of potential Islamic terrorist moving across the United States.
The recent fall of Afghanistan to Islamic terrorist adds to the concerns of the US Southern Border. Across the internet are the documented photographs and video of well-armed Taliban carrying fully automatic US Military equipment, uniforms, and supportive tactical / night vision equipment. Vast quantities of M-16 rifle grenade launchers, grenades, and explosives to include C-4 can be easily smuggled across the US Southern Border. According to media outlets (NY Post), Khairullah Khairkhwa, held at Guantanamo Bay from 2002-14, led the Taliban takeover of Kabul. He was released from Gitmo by President Barack Obama. Numerous other former Gitmo detainees have also returned to attack American interest and soldiers. Recent US military arms and equipment captured in Afghanistan, has made the Taliban, a very potent terrorist organization. Across the US, heroin-based narcotics to include black tar heroin is easily found. Most of the opioids originate from areas controlled by Islamic terrorist. Most namely, is the now Taliban controlled nation of Afghanistan.
The glaring concern of US Border Enforcement and residents, is that. it is just a matter of time before major terrorist attacks occur across the United States. The danger documented from the border surges of 2009-2014 and especially the Fast and Furious debacle. Thousands of weapons found their use in cartels across Central and South America and linked to deaths in the United States. The collapse of Afghanistan and the capture of tens of thousands of US military equipment dwarfs the danger of Fast and Furious. It’s just a matter of time before such weapons cross our wide-open Southern Border.

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