Coffee, CBD Coffee, Old Army Spirits, Apparel, and more!




Service Area:Nationwide

Description:Coffee, CBD Coffee, Old Army Spirits, Apparel, and more!
We are a 100% service-connected disabled, Veteran-owned small business located in Spokane Valley, Washington.
We create teams by hiring Veterans and getting them back to the task with gainful and meaningful employment. There is nothing like being part of a team again.
Our coffee roaster is Cravens Coffee in Spokane. The owner, Simon, partnered with Old Army Coffee when I told him our mission.
I told Simon that we wanted to create a company that promoted a team atmosphere similar to that which the Veterans missed from their time in the service. This would also provide meaningful employment with likeminded people. The main focus is to hire Veterans through the sale of our premium coffee.
Simon took my team into his coffee lab, and we came up with eight unique blends that are our proprietary recipes.