We Need To Step Up And Preserve Our Heritage

The Constitution of the United States is a brilliant Document. It is based on and supported by the Word of God and our Declaration of Independence.
Our Founding Principles made the United States Of America the greatest nation on earth and proved our citizens with hope and a pathway to future posterity. In short, it created the American Dream.

The American Dream is a good motivation for every American to achieve, however, some of those who work in our government and those who fund and indoctrinate them have sought to ensure otherwise. They want to, and are dedicated to removing and replacing not only our Constitutional rights, they are adamant to usurp our God given rights as well.
There are many players, and they are aggressive in their efforts to do so.

Our Founding Principles are what sets us apart from the despotic and weak governments of the rest of the world. We are blessed with the gift of Freedom and Liberty. Because of our traditions and way of life many people from around the world risk their lives to come to America to become citizens. On the flip side, those who want to fundamentally change and transform America have allowed our borders to become infiltrated and overran by those who have no intention to pursue the American Dream. They have encouraged, and in many cases offered the illegals benefits that are available from our tax dollars. These benefits should be reserved for our destitute citizens to help them in a time of need.

Another problem with the current and several past administration’s is the planting of illegals in strategic areas around the country to tip the voter rolls to their advantage. They have gone so far as to grant and demand blanket amnesty and citizenship to these unvetted and illegal border crossers, and provide them with legal counsel, transportation, and cash to accomplish their goals while our Veterans and many of our citizens suffer because there is no lifeline extended to them.

This is not what our Founders had in mind when they came together to form the great American experiment.

We live in a Constitutional Republic. The Bill of Rights were not intended to limit the free exercise of we the people to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They were added to limit the overreach and power of the federal government.

Much of what is going on in America is a direct result of us not being a virtuous people, and because of the fact that we have neglected our civic duty.
We have allowed those who are elected to represent us to rule over us, not serve us. That’s is not the concept that America was Founded upon. It’s time to return to our roots and for every American to get involved with the restoration of our Principles and heritage.

We need to know our rights and our fundamental principles. We need to pass them down carefully to our offspring. We need to ensure that our children receive a good and well round education and instill patriotism and national pride in their minds, hearts, and souls. That is how we remain strong and continue to be the beacon of hope not only to one another, but for the world.

We cannot give up liberty for security, and we must never allow government or outside agitation to destroy our Founding Principles and Rule Of Law. Chief among those are the First and Second Amendments. Our way of life depends upon them.
Without them we have no voice and no recourse if the government or others commit tyranny.

Criminals and bad people will always find a way to commit evil, but if you restrict the ability of good citizens there will be no means of redress and anarchy will prevail. Most of our Democrats ran cities are an example of that.

We must never forget our reason for our existence, and we must stand up for our virtues and Principles or else we will become like other failed world powers of the past.

We should be proud to be Americans, and our desire must be vigilant to maintain our place in history and in Truth.

That is what God Almighty requires of us, and we should obey His will.

Freedom And Liberty / USE Them OR LOSE Them! (EM)

God bless America!

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