What should we do while America is Burning?

I was chatting with a dear friend recently who expressed frustration about his kids’ future.

“We raised them and did the best we could… now they have to figure it out, make their own decisions and navigate the world’s challenges.”

Even when young people are raised in God-fearing, America-loving homes, as soon as they step into the world, they often walk into an ambush fueled by massive agendas backed by unlimited money.

How can you build trust in the universities, corporations and institutions who have a massive influence on our young people when they continually fund anti-American causes?

How do you effectively prepare young people to have faith in America when many government officials (local, state & federal) repeatedly demonstrate they are not trustworthy?

It’s easy to lose hope by watching television, seeing the heartbreak and experiencing the throbbing, guttural pain of injustice dealt by those whom we are taught to trust.

It’s easy to conclude your best option is to hunker down with your loved ones and live the best life you can (while you can) because America’s days are numbered.

I submit there is an alternative…

You can choose to believe and agree with George Washington;

“No people can be bound to acknowledge and adore the invisible hand which conducts the affairs of men more than the people of the United States.”

If you believe God birthed America for a destiny that has yet to be fulfilled… then you can choose to look over the horizon and believe America wins in the end.

It may be beyond my lifetime and yours… but hopefully not beyond our children and grand-children’s lifetimes.

If WE THE PEOPLE can still breathe FREE air, then we can craft America’s Defining Moment to serve up-and-coming generations.

Young people must know the truth of America’s founding. According to a report I read this week;

“… less than 24% of high school graduates have a basic understanding of civics, never mind the true intent of the Founders & Framers.”

WE THE PEOPLE can decide quitting on America is not an option.

Believe me, I understand this is hard, but so was crossing the icy Delaware.

WE THE PEOPLE can pray for our nation and all who suffer.

Sunday, May 31st, is the Christian Celebration of Pentecost. It’s a good day to ask the Lord for insight on America’s future and your role in it.

May God Bless You, Your Family & the United States of America.


Steve Olds
Founder & CEO
P.S. If you want to know how you can shape America’s Defining Moment, watch a short video and download our free report at www.PatriotMission.com

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