“What To Put Into A Survivalist Pandemic Response Kit”

First of all, take this article for what it is, a suggested pandemic response kit to have on hand prior to actually needing it. There are a number of reasons to make sure you have a kit such as this on hand, but none more important than not having to be involved in a panic to hurry to the store to purchase the items needed. Do not, I say again, do not be fooled on this past fake pandemic of covid 19 to tell you all that all you need is a mask that doesn’t help. It’s important to know some true basics and always important to be prepared for anything, to reduce panic and fear later. I am not a doctor by any means, but I have been militarily trained in specialty courses of NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) warfare, Sanitation, and decontamination, as well as mandatory medical training as a police officer. So from that, I want to share a suggestive pandemic kit everyone should have on hand.
Before I go into the contents of the kit, what is influenza and how is it contracted? Let’s see what the CDC (Center For Disease Control and Prevention) says. They say the flu is a contagious respiratory illness, caused by influenza viruses. So when people with the flu cough, sneeze, and breath outwardly, the virus becomes airborne and in turn, you can inhale these droplets that contain flu viruses, which infect your cells, and then actually make copies of themselves within your system that then trigger inflammation in your body causing flu symptoms. The severe inflammation can cause lung damage and other serious problems, then the immune system responds by sending proteins called antibodies to fight the infection. Some people experience serious flu complications that can lead to hospitalization and even death. There are some flu vaccines that have shown to reduce the risk of catching the flu and lessen the severity of symptoms. The CDC says that everyone six months and older need a flu vaccine each year.
Now, it doesn’t matter if you’re a pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine person, this article is not about your choice in any way. I’ve included this Ted Talk on that topic to help add to your decision-making knowledge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMWNq9cCXU4
Let’s start with preventive maintenance of a pandemic. First and foremost, every day of our lives we should be cognizant of our personal hygiene, such as brushing of teeth, washing of hands after any possible contaminations, washing and prepping foods, etc. This alone reduces risks tremendously. Finally paying attention to current events, so that you aren’t caught off guard when panic hits society as a whole.
What goes into the pandemic kit that you can have stored readily in preparation;
1. Storage Container: The number of items you have to put into the kit will dictate the size of your container.
2. The first items in the container are your basic EDC (Everyday Carry), a knife, flashlight, lighter, and multitool. These items are basic to any survival situation.
3. Bar of Soap: These are basic and always good to have multiple bars in your kit.
4. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer: Make sure to have multiple bottles, as soap and water are necessary and may not always be available where ever you are. Hand sanitizers do very well in killing infectious agents.
5. Baby Wipes: Tested safe for your body and unlike sponges and rags that spread germs, you use one wipe and then dispose of it, rendering yourself and your surroundings clean. You can even use makeup cleansing and remover wipes as all of these are safe on the skin.
6. Disinfecting Wipes: Excellent for wiping down surfaces and objects other than your skin. These are superb and kill 99% of viruses, germs and are also disposable.
7. Respirator Masks: These come in many styles and costs, from surgical masks to full-blown respirators and gas masks. With the virus able to go airborne and in all likelihood that you will be around others, who could possibly be infected, these are a very wise item to have in your pandemic kit. Keep in mind that disposable masks need to be disposed of just like any other biohazard material; these can be found online or at your local paint stores.
8. Ziplock Bags / Biohazard Bags: These are concealable and always good to have, as a way to dispose of your contaminated material.
9. Nitrile Gloves/Rubber Gloves: Since pathogens travel both ways to and from others, one of the main uses of medical gloves is to prevent cross-contamination; a no-brainer.
10. Disinfectant Spray: After cleaning a surface area with your favorite multi cleaner it may look clean but still does not disinfect the germs, so that is why disinfectant sprays are important. One of the tops on the market is, of course, Lysol, and all other disinfectants are very similar, and most actually do kill 99% of germs left behind. There are also pure natural disinfectants like Puregreen24 available.
11. A glass spray bottle with a bleach/water combo for disinfecting areas and items as well.
12. Eye Protection: There are many reasons to have eye protection depending on what the pandemic actually is. Therefore having a set of safety goggles, swimming goggles, bikers glasses, etc., is a must, and all will give adequate protection.
13. Immune Boosters: Along with a healthy diet having preventive maintenance immune boosters on hand to start taking at the onset of a pandemic in your area will help your system to “boost” its ability to fight infection from the get-go; such as colloidal silver (a supplement), olive leaf extract, Vitamin C, and others. These can be found online and throughout your local pharmacies.
Once you put this kit together, your confidence level will strengthen and you will have lowered possible future panic levels.
“Charlie Mike” (Continue the Mission)

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